Power Programs

What is a Power Program?

A Power Program is a powerful program that can help anybody to enhance their Advertising performance. Most of the programs below are free to join and they also offer truly powerful features.


LeadsLeap is one of the most powerful tools to drive traffic to any opportunity. It also has 5 ways to make money even as a Free member.


Turbinance is a Network Banner Advertising Platform with a one click System to show your Banners on over 300 Advertising sites!


PRIME SOLO ADS is the First "Pay as you go" Quality Solo Ad System where you only pay for what you get and what you effectively USE to reach ABSOLUTE UNIQUE VISITORS.. nothing more! PRIME SOLO ADS is a Cost Effective Solo Ad System that will Save you BIG Money.


A Treasure Chest Of Exclusive Promo Codes That Will Give You Quality Advertising At Multiple Sites 100% Free!
These codes are only available to members of Free Promo Codes For You, and you will not find them anywhere else!


Traffic Zipper is an extremely powerful tool that will allow you to manage your mailings through any of the List Builder programs that they support - currently 38 Integrated Programs among the best in the industry to support you.


TrafficCrowd is an automated Promotion System and an Opportunity to earn an additional sources of Income. They offer 6 Ways to Earn and 9 Ways to get Visitors from literally Hundreds of Manual Traffic Exchanges!